Simplified industrial digital transformation on one platform

Gexia is the leading platform in industrial digital transformation, which combines monitoring, asset and energy management with Artificial Intelligence, managing to optimize and automate the operational, maintenance and energy efficiency of companies.

Gexia modules

MIA Monitoreo e Inteligencia Artificial

Monitoring & Artificial Intelligence

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Gestión de activos y mantenimiento

Asset Management & Maintenance

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Energy Management & Efficiency

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Discover the Gexia Industrial Digital Transformation cycle

Discover the Gexia cycle: Capture, Analyze, Manage, Decide, and Act! Empower your industrial digital transformation with this innovative methodology. Make informed decisions and act quickly and accurately. Boost the operational and energy efficiency of your company with the Gexia cycle!


We have an open architecture that allows you to integrate any equipment, device, asset, file, or database through different industrial protocols, as well as easily and quickly integrate with other platforms.


Discover the countless benefits that Gexia has to offer your company. Here are some of them:

Continuous monitoring of assets: Identification and prediction of issues."

Reduction of emergency and unplanned work.

Delay, anticipate, eliminate, and optimize certain maintenance activities.

Improvement of system reliability.

Fewer maintenance operations = less human influence and lower risk.

Reduction in energy consumption and carbon footprint.

La verdadera transformación digital industrial

Digital transformation at your fingertips.

Access from your phone, tablet, computer, or any device. Get the best experience for you and your entire team.

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