Gestión de activos y mantenimiento

Asset Management & Maintenance

The GAM module is a CMMS/GMAO based on the guidelines of ISO 55000. With this module, you can automate and digitize all Asset and Maintenance Management quickly and easily. Through an intuitive interface, you can have complete control over your operations, maintenance plans, work orders, maintenance indicators, and improve communication with your entire team.

Asset Management & Maintenance

Basic information about assets

Identification with QR codes

Planning and management of maintenance plans

Work Orders

Maintenance indicators.

Execution, monitoring, and control of maintenance decisions. Effectiveness of the actions taken

Maintenance decisions supported by Knowledge Management

Gestión de activos y mantenimiento


Obtain countless benefits, here are some of them:

Up to 12% cost savings compared to preventive maintenance.

Up to 70% reduction in asset failures.

Up to 25% increase in production.

Up to 30% reduction in maintenance costs.

Up to 45% reduction in downtime.

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