Monitoreo e Inteligencia Artificial

Monitoring & Artificial Intelligence

This module provides you with a comprehensive overview of your processes and assets, enabling you to make smarter, more efficient, and automated decisions. Gexia’s AI is like having an expert advisor by your side, providing you with insights and recommendations to optimize and automate operational, energy, and maintenance efficiency.

Monitoring & Artificial Intelligence


Data capture from equipment, sensors, databases, flat files, and manual information.

Visualization of all assets in one interface.

Automated actions.

Organizing and structuring the data.

Open architecture for the integration of different equipment.

Artificial Intelligence

Advanced historical analysis tools:

What is happening?
Why is it happening?

Predicting failures by answering the following questions:

What is likely to happen?
What should I do about it?

Converting data into useful information.


With Gexia automation, you will be able to create a set of conditions and parameters that will enable the execution of rules for:

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